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About Me

Ms Midnight Marketing Mentor

I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful and talented children; Alexis, Ciara, and Alexander. They are my pride and joy but are also the source of the extra “love” that formed around my waist, hips and thighs.

One day while working at my former JOB (Just Over Broke) I chased a young lady down the hall that looked quite different on this particular Wednesday than she normally did. I asked her how she got so shapely overnight and I was flashed with a Body Magic. It was love at first try on!

She had a sample that she allowed me to use at lunchtime that day and when I saw the reaction to my new appearance by the ladies in the Accounting department I knew I had found something special. I immediately asked her how I could get started sharing these garments with the world because hundreds of names were swirling around in my head of family, friends and acquaintances that would jump in this and love it like I did.

Let’s just say it was the first day of the start of my new life. I am now helping others to become healthy AND wealthy both with the products and opportunity that Ardyss International has to offer.

Since August 2009 I have gone from size 16 jeans to size 10 just by wearing my Body Magic daily – without exercising, dieting, surgery nor pills. I feel like my size 10’s are even loose so stay tuned, I will be going to try on a size 8 soon. UPDATE: I’m officially in size 8!! Ardyss has truly changed my life!

To purchase these awesome products, visit my shopping site at http://www.instantcurves.com or call me at 323-723-ARZU.  You’ll be Instantly pleased that you did!

Check out my live video testimony to show that my size 8 pic is NOT photoshopped!

UPDATE March 28th 2010:

I have been promoted once again and have made Director this month! That’s 5 levels of promotion in 6 months, and I’m only one level away from being President ! I can show you how to achieve this success too, join my winning team today!



5 Reasons I LOVE My Business

1. I’m in control: I decide when to work and how much to work. My success lies in my hands.

2. Unlimited earning potential: Whether I want to make $500 or $5000 a month it’s possible. I know that my productivity determines the amount of money that I earn, and I know what to do to get as much $$ as I want.

3. No high investment: Where else can you invest $300 OR LESS and have unlimited earning potential? Do you know how much it costs to purchase a McDonalds franchise? I also have no overhead, no accounts payable, no prior experience and very little inventory. All these perks AND I can determine my own check?

4. Personal development: I had no idea the amount of personal growth that I would gain as a result of having my own business. I’ve been challenged in every area possible and it all boils down to the attitude I choose to have, and I always choose positive. Positive thinking PLUS action = positive results.

5. My children: I get to include them in what I do and spend as much time with them as I want. I have breakfast with my 5 year old every morning and watch cartoons before taking him to school. When I worked for someone else this was impossible!

Ask yourself this. Do you love what you do? Is your current job something you’d like to do for the next 10, 20, or 30 years? Are you being paid what you’re worth? Do you decide when you want a raise? Do you have time AND financial freedom to do what you want? If you’ve answered no to any of the above questions then a home based business may be for you. Click here now and get some more information for yourself. See why millions of Americans are now going home to work.

Brilliant Compensation

Like Jim Rohn said: If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

I’m also a Health, Wealth and Marketing Mentor helping with business and personal development coaching.

I teach people how to build their own brand and following to sell or market whatever they want, help entrepreneurs that want to learn how to generate leads and drive traffic to their business, and those who desire to work from home but have no idea where to start. I’m also partnered with a company to help improve the health of others, mentoring and coaching you to reach your goals.

Whether you need marketing ideas to improve your already existing business or you’re looking for an opportunity to join a successful home-based business, I’ve got you covered!  Helping others is what I do best!

Connect with me on FB here and ask me your most daunting health, wealth or marketing question: http://on.fb.me/CandicesFanPage